Law and Technology

Can you scrape data from other companies’ websites? What happens if another company scrapes data from your website?

Does the GDPR apply to your business? Does the new California privacy law? What about the new privacy laws that were passed in Maine, Oregon, and Nevada in the last year?

If I just post my privacy policy and terms of use at the bottom of my page, does it form a valid contract?

As a lawyer in 2022, you aren’t a good lawyer just because you knew what the law was a few years ago. You need to keep up with the many ways that law and technology evolves.

At McCarthy Law Group, we’re constantly vigilant about emerging areas of practice. From technology and internet laws, to changing privacy laws, to issues affecting big data companies, we know that to be great advocates in this decade means that we need to stay ahead of legal changes so that our clients are prepared to meet those challenges head on.

If you have a legal issue that’s affecting your business that you think most lawyers just wouldn’t understand, give us a try. You might be surprised to learn that we’re right there with you. Or, perhaps, even one step ahead of you.

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