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Legal Services for Savvy Businesses in Colorado

You want a lawyer that gets it—someone who understands what it’s like to be a business owner and entrepreneur.

But even more importantly, you want a lawyer that gets it right.

You want a lawyer who has been through both the good times and the bad, who has come out the other end, on top. And you want a lawyer that has the experience and intelligence to help you avoid problems before they become problems.

That’s what we do. Our firm specializes in smart, customized legal solutions for savvy businesses and individuals who want personalized attention, from top lawyers, without drowning in legal bills. No drama, no hassle, no running up the tab. Just top-end legal work, and nothing else.

Startups: We can help startups and entrepreneurs who need legal or business guidance in forming, financing, and managing their companies. Our clients range from established businesses, to individuals starting their first company, to clients who have been acquired by Silicon Valley big hitters.

Full-Service Business Legal Assistance: We can provide simple and complex contracts, mergers and acquisitions assistance, employment agreements, terms of service agreements, privacy policies, revenue-sharing agreements, licensing agreements, settlement agreements, and just about any other type of legal work that a company needs over the course of a its lifespan.

Business Conflicts: If you didn’t hire us at the beginning, we may still be able to help you get out of a jam. We assist people and businesses with various legal problems—whether it’s a corporate conflict, a founder dispute, employment issues, or simply an individual or company protecting or defending its rights.

Appellate Services: When challenging a lower court’s ruling or trial verdict, our appellate clients receive clear advice and experienced cost-benefit analysis—not an overly-optimistic sales pitch to induce pursuing a weak appeal.

Technology of Law and the Laws of Technology: We have sophistication in ground-breaking areas of the law that we believe are the future of legal practice. These include artificial intelligence, Bitcoin, machine learning, predictive analytics, and decentralized autonomous organizations.

In every scenario, we guarantee quality, responsive service tailored to your needs.

Our firm’s lawyers have:

– Represented over 300 business clients with nearly every type of business need.

– Assisted Colorado startups from formation to acquisition, including major Silicon Valley deals.

– Worked for and against the biggest and most prestigious law firms in the world.

– Battled for and against Fortune 500 companies.

– Represented clients in the U.S. Supreme Court, Federal Courts of Appeals, and local courts.

– Graduated from Duke University School of Law, with honors.

Read more about our services here or  you can fill out the form below and we will set up a convenient time for you to talk with an attorney best suited to handle your needs. We always respond within one business day.

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