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We’re a boutique firm with big-time experience. We’ve represented Y Combinator startups and Fortune 50 Companies.

We’re business lawyers that provide a high standard of service in matters big and small. Our clients have done deals with the biggest names in Silicon Valley and have been featured in the Wall Street Journal. We’re national leaders on the issue of web scraping and have represented clients on some of the most important web-scraping cases in the country. We are leaders in complex areas of the law and technology that most law firms would be afraid to touch. We excel at making complex issues simple.

We offer accessible, top-end expertise on cutting-edge questions of technology and the law. And we offer sensible, grounded corporate legal advice to a wide range of businesses. If that sounds like what your business needs, we invite you to learn more to see if McCarthy Law Group is the right fit for you. 

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Beware of Web Scrapers Selling the Law of Web Scraping

One of the main reasons I first became interested in the law of web scraping was because of how hard it was to find reliable information about it. Years ago, I had a client with a big web-scraping project, and they asked me to research whether what they were planning on doing was legal or … Read More
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