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Kieran McCarthy


My practice is focused primarily on web scraping and other niche emerging areas of internet law. My goal is to be the leading practitioner on these issues in the country.

After graduating from Duke Law, for six years, I worked at a law firm that is consistently ranked as the best law firm in the Rocky Mountain Region, according to Vault, and as the best litigation firm in the country, according to The American Lawyer. Working with some of the best lawyers in the country and with some of the biggest clients taught me the standards that are required to perform legal services at the absolute highest levels.

Now, working in a boutique practice over the last ten years, I apply those same standards to a wide range of clients. We’ve represented over 400 clients, including startups, tech companies, public companies, and even Fortune 100 companies. We pride ourselves in developing mastery and expertise in complex and transformative areas of technology and the law that are far beyond the ken of most attorneys. Our niche practice in the law of web scraping has no parallel at boutique firms in the United States.

In my personal life, I’m a sub-3 marathoner and a sub-24-hour finisher at the Leadville 100-Mile Trail Run. And though I’m now technically a master’s runner, I can still bust out a decent time at the local 5k. In my abundant free time, I’m also the distance coach for the local high school track team.

I play guitar, mandolin, banjo, and harmonica.

I grew up in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, and then spent some time traveling around the world before moving back to Colorado permanently in 2006. After more than a decade living on the Front Range, I then moved to Salida, Colorado, in the Heart of the Rockies. I still come back to Denver and Boulder often to see family and meet with clients and friends. But the true joy comes from every moment I get to spend with my wife Monica and my son Eoin.