Kieran McCarthy


After graduating from Duke Law, for six years, I worked at a law firm that is consistently ranked as the best law firm in the Rocky Mountain Region, according to Vault, and as the best litigation firm in the country, according to The American Lawyer. Working with some of the best lawyers in the country and with some of the biggest clients taught me the standards that are required to perform legal services at the absolute highest levels.

When I left big law, my business strategy was simple. Write publicly about the areas of the law that I was passionate about, that I found interesting, and where I felt I had unique expertise, in the hopes that potential clients might our firm. When in doubt, I dive deeper and write some more.

More than ten years later, I’m still at it. Our firm has represented well over 500 clients, including startups, small businesses, founders, tech companies, public companies, and even Fortune 50 companies.

Increasingly our firm has been recognized for its expertise with web-scraping and data-access legal issues. We have represented over 100 clients in the web-scraping space, including clients looking to access data and those looking to prevent access. Our firm usually assists clients in helping to navigate the legal landscape before litigation and legal conflict occurs. But we also help clients address cease-and-desist letters and have represented clients in federal court when necessary. And we have successfully assisted clients in pursuing litigation when necessary, from cease-and-desist through settlement.

We have experience in all areas of business and corporate law, the law of online contracts, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, state computer-law claims, privacy law, copyright, trademark, trade secrets, clickfraud, keyword advertising, non-competition law, and securities law.

In my personal life, I’m a sub-3 marathoner and a sub-24-hour finisher at the Leadville 100-Mile Trail Run. So I’m not afraid of big challenges. And though I’m now technically a master’s runner, I can still bust out a decent time at the local 5k. Even though it’s not always the easiest thing to do with my schedule, I still make time to be the distance coach for the local high school track team.

When I’m not working or running, I also like to play guitar, mandolin, banjo, and harmonica.

I grew up in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, and then spent some time traveling around the world before moving back to Colorado permanently in 2006. After more than a decade living on the Front Range, I moved to Salida, Colorado, in the Heart of the Rockies. I still come back to Denver and Boulder often to see family and meet with clients and friends.

But the best part of my day is always the time I spend with my wife Monica and my son Eoin.