VC Exits vs. Early Exits

Venture capitalists get lots of attention, and for good reason. Most of them possess an elite intelligence and pedigree combined with machete-sharp business acumen. The super rich trust them to find “the next big thing,” and they’re willing to pay VCs huge management fees to invest hundreds of millions of dollars on their behalf. It’s … Read More

Financing Basics: Debt vs. Equity

One of the first questions that a startup faces when it begins to look outside the organization to fund itself, is what type of financing to seek. There are some who will argue that one type of financing is inherently superior to the other for startups. But to me that’s kind of like saying that … Read More


Six Things to Think about When You’re Thinking about Crowdfunding

The concept behind crowdfunding is simple and perfectly suited to the Internet. Rather than raise a lot of money from a few people, you raise a little from a lot of people. It’s easy and effective. Lots of new businesses have blossomed in catering to this market: Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and RocketHub, to name a few. … Read More