How to Not Bankrupt Your Employees with Equity Awards

How to Not Bankrupt Your Employees with Equity Awards

From startups to major corporations, equity awards can be a great way to attract and maintain a talented workforce. There are a variety of ways a company can transfer partial ownership to its employees—but not every way is equal. In fact, some equity transfers can actually end up being very costly for employees, if not … Read More

Five Ways to Handle Startup Founder Disputes

Conflicts with your business associate(s), particularly for start-ups, can be difficult. Most importantly, you want to address and resolve those conflicts before they interrupt your bottom line—building a successful company and promoting a solid venture. It cannot be said enough: Start-ups and any other business relationships should be grounded in written documentation. If you have … Read More

Founders’ Dilemmas: Obligations to Other Employers

The vast majority of early-stage businesses operate in what I like to call “the hairy netherworld of in-between.” This is the stage where the founders have developed a fledgling concept, generated some excitement, done some early developmental work, but not all the founders have committed to the idea full time yet. This is a natural … Read More