Remote Legal Practice, Eight Years Ahead of the Trend


In the past month, much of the world has shifted to remote work practices and so much has been disrupted.

Here, at McCarthy Law Group, we have continued to provide our legal services, uninterrupted, in the midst of this disruption to the outside world. And we’ll continue to do so. We’re able to do so, because we’ve used remote work practices to lower costs to our clients and improve our accessibility since we formed in 2012.

While we have a virtual office where we receive mail and occasionally meet with clients (during more normal times), our law practice has been maximized for efficiency with virtual interactions for nearly a decade. From engagement letters, to questionnaires, to startup checklists, to capital raises, to corporate governance reviews, everything we do, and everything we have always done, is designed for companies that appreciate the scale, impact, and efficiencies of the internet. That is more true and has never been more important than it is today.

Now is a hard time for almost all companies. If you’re looking for legal counsel to help minimize costs and minimize risks through this crisis, you don’t want to have to wonder whether your law firm is prepared to operate in this brave new world. You should hire a firm that’s already proven it can do it.

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