What You Need to Know Before Buying or Selling a Business in Colorado

Most business owners and many lawyers underestimate the nuances of how state and local laws can affect the purchase or sale of business. While many of the laws and legal boilerplate that you might see in a purchase transaction will be consistent across state lines, there are some critical ways in which they differ. Understanding … Read More

Letter of Intent

Letters of Intent – The Most Valuable Non-Binding Legal Agreement You’ll Ever Sign

To the untrained eye, letters of intent may seem like the least important part of a business agreement. After all, they’re usually non-binding. And many people equate non-binding with inconsequential. But nothing could be further from the truth. In a deal where the parties sign a letter of intent, letters of intent are where nearly … Read More

The Right Way to Buy a Business

Some new entrepreneurs seek to jump start sales by buying an already-existing business. Some established businesses attempt to streamline their expansion by doing the same. If you’re considering buying a business, understand this is likely to be one of the largest purchases you, and your company, will ever make. Each business and industry is different. … Read More

Due Diligence: The Top 6 Items to Uncover Before You Buy a Business

Due Diligence: The Top 6 Items to Uncover Before You Buy a Business

When you’re under contract to buy a house, the last thing you’d skip would be the inspection. This is when you hire a professional to find out if the sewer is clogged, if the roof is leaky, if the floors are defective, and whether there’s carbon monoxide, radon, or mold in your hopeful home. It’s … Read More